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What Does Natural Pet Care Mean? #PawNatural

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Natural. It's a word that has become more and more common recently, especially in the world of pet care. Many pet parents are looking to raise their cats and dogs naturally. However, it can be difficult to know what's really natural and what isn't.

Why is natural pet care so important, anyways? Many people have decided to use more products for themselves that are natural. They want to kick chemicals to the curb with their health in mind. And rightfully so too. Consuming junk is bad for you and it's bad for dogs and cats too. While I don't claim to use only 100% natural products personally, I do make an attempt. Yes, it's tough at times.

I also make an attempt to use natural products for my pets when possible. One of the best producers of natural pet care products that I've found is a company called Only Natural Pet®. As a leading natural, sustainable pet brand, Only Natural Pet's mission is to make healthy choices easy for you and your pet. They are a brand that I've truly come to love and trust.

Over the years, I have been invited to try several of their natural pet care products including natural pet food, supplements, treats, chews, vitamins, and more. (They sell just about anything you can think of.) After trying their Feline PowerFood when it was first introduced, my cat now eats it regularly.

Natural food for your pet #PawNatural

Only Natural Pet believes that "behind every great idea is a great pet". Cue in Crinkles the dog. a rescued dog with a host of health issues. Crinkles' owner, Marty Grosjean, thought "If I'm thriving on a natural life, why wouldn't Crinkles?" After Crinkles made her switch to a natural life, the difference was "night and day". Two years later in 2004, Marty Grosjean founded Only Natural Pet.

After starting to make natural pet products more than a decade ago, they have helped many pets live happy, natural lives.

What does natural pet care mean? #PawNatural

It's easy to say a company is natural, but how can you tell if they really are natural? This is where research comes in. Look into what you're buying, read labels, research ingredients, consult with your veterinarian, and if you still have questions then contact the company personally.

Label reading is a must when you're looking for natural pet care products. This can be difficult sometimes, because who knows what half the stuff listed on the label is anyways? The folks at Only Natural Pet value a natural lifestyle and believes it contributes a longer healthier life for pets. Listed on their website is an Unacceptable Ingredients List. The list promises that they will "always offer the best and never offer the rest". This list is actually a great resource of ingredients to steer clear of in your pet's products in general.

Natural Pet Care Products - What to look for #PawNatural
Image courtesy of Only Natural Pet

While using natural products for your pets is great for their health, there are other ways to help your pet lead a natural, healthy life. Only Natural Pet realizes this and provides guidance to their customers on how to achieve a natural lifestyle.

"The Fundamentals of Natural Pet Care" written by Only Natural Pet's Veterinarian Advisor, Jean Hofve, talks about the concept of natural pet care. Dr. Hofve breaks natural pet care down into 8 categories:

  1. Nutrition - You are what you eat and according to Dr. Hofve "diet is the foundation of health". The fresher the food the better. Dr. Hofve also recommends variety in a pet's diet. 
  2. Supplements - No diet is perfect, and supplements can help your pet achieve better health. 
  3. Exercise - It doesn't get much more natural than exercise. Exercise helps cats and dogs stay lean, active, and healthy. 
  4. Veterinary Care - While there may be controversy on vaccinations for pets, it still doesn't change the fact that cats and dogs still need to see a veterinarian on a regular basis. 
  5. Dental Care - Dental chews and treats are a great way to help keep your pet's teeth clean and healthy, but you are going to have to help a little bit too with brushing. 
  6. Grooming - It's like personal hygiene for humans. It's hard to be healthy when your fur and claws are not properly groomed. 
  7. Mental Stimulation - Can you imagine a life without little to no mental stimulation? You might start to go a little crazy. And the same is true for our pets. Without mental stimulation, pets can acquire behavioral problems. 
  8. Stress Management - According to Dr. Hofve, stress suppresses the immune system making pets more susceptible to illness. There are natural, holistic therapies for stress that can help a stressed out pet be more comfortable in certain situations. 

In short, Only Natural Pet is committed to finding the most effective and sustainable natural pet products for every facet of your pet's life. If you are looking for a more natural solution to any pet health issue from natural pet food to natural flea prevention products and more, they likely have an answer.

Only Natural Pet - Natural Pet Care Products are now available at PetSmart #PawNatural

Only Natural Pet makes it super simple to care for your pet naturally. And now, it's even easier than ever. You can find Only Natural Pet products on the shelves of select PetSmart® stores and at PetSmart online.

Do you use natural products on your pets? Tell us your faves in the comments!

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  1. We love natural products for human and dogs too! Never heard of Only Natural Pet but I love their green logo. Looks very eco friendly. :) We'll be checking them out next time we go to PetSmart! <3

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