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17 Supplies Every New Puppy Owner Needs

Adding a new puppy (or dog) to your family soon? Congratulations! It's important to be prepared for your new puppy and make sure you have all the supplies on hand before you bring your puppy home.

Puppies like to eat, sleep, poop, play, make messes, and repeat! Accommodating their needs at a young age will help both of you in the long run. Puppy can grow up to be a healthy and well-adjusted dog and you will be ready for anything that comes your way.

17 Supplies Every New Puppy Owner Needs

If you're ready to take the plunge and call yourself a "dog mom" or "dog dad", make sure you do your shopping first! Here's a new puppy shopping supply checklist that covers all of the essentials you'll need to cover all aspects of your new puppy's life. 

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1. Puppy Food. Of course, puppies are hungry little critters. First and foremost, you'll need to select a high quality puppy food. The label on the puppy food should state that it is made for puppies, or at the very least "all life stages". Puppies need more calories than adult dogs, so they need a different diet. 

 Invest in stainless steel, no-tip, non-slip, food and water bowls for your puppy

2. Food and Water Bowls. You are also going to need some bowls for your puppy to eat out of. My personal suggestion is to invest in stainless steel, no-tip, non-slip, food and water bowls. (Like the ones pictured above.) Steer clear of plastic food and water bowls because they are harder to clean and don't last as long. 

3. Treats. Dog treats are great tools for training. Use treats to reward your puppy in a positive way when they do something good. Choose high quality treats that are appropriate for your puppy's size. 

4. Bed. Puppies sleep a lot. You can help them get comfortable by purchasing them their very own bed. You can purchase a dog bed that's big enough for them to grow into if necessary. Just remember that it may need to be replaced later down the road anyways. 

5. Crate. Teaching your puppy that a crate is a safe and quiet place they can go to relax will be a big help later on. Puppies often get into stuff. As nice as it would be to be able to take them to work with you everyday, it's not possible for everyone. Keeping a puppy crated when you're gone can keep them safe and limit puppy mess accidents for you. 

6. Bounty Paper Towels. Speaking of puppy messes, be prepared to clean up after your puppy! Puppies have dog pee and dog poop accidents while potty training. Not to mention countless other messes and accidents that can happen. Having a durable paper towel handy at all times is a must. Bounty is 2X more absorbent so you can tackle more pet messes per roll. Getting a new puppy is messy, but it's also memorable. With Bounty, you can enjoy more of life's firsts per roll. 

New Puppy Supply Checklist #QuickerPickerUpper

7. Carpet Cleaner. Again, dog poop and dog pee accidents are going to happen. Keep a carpet cleaner handy!

8. Dog Brush. You should select a dog brush depending on the type of fur your new puppy has. Brush your puppy regularly to help them get used to it and so that their fur doesn't become matted. Mats can be problematic and even painful. 

9. Puppy Shampoo. Select a puppy shampoo that is gentle and mild. Read the label to make sure it's appropriate for your puppy's age and/or weight. I recommend avoiding flea and tick shampoos that contain harsh chemicals. 

10. Dog Toothbrush and Dog Toothpaste. Yes, you should brush your dog's teeth regularly. Start a young age so they don't mind the process when they are an adult. Brushing your puppy's teeth now will keep their teeth healthy and probably save you a lot of money when they grow up. Make sure you use a toothpaste made for dogs! Human toothpaste is toxic to dogs. 

11. Nail Trimmers. Trust me - you want to get your puppy used to having their feet touched and their nails trimmed now. Many adult dogs absolutely hate having their nails trimmed and it can become a big problem. Train your puppy as young as possible that nail trims aren't such a bad thing. 

12. Toys and Chews. Dog toys are important so make sure you pick up a few different types. Puppies go through a teething process which means they are going to want to chew on everything. Giving your puppy plenty of chewing options will help keep them from chewing up your personal stuff and making a mess. 

 Giving your puppy plenty of chewing options will help keep them from chewing up your personal stuff and making a mess.

13. Collar or Harness And a Leash. While it may not be a good idea to walk your puppy in new places before they are fully vaccinated, they are going to need to be walked eventually. Plus, it's great to start leash training young. 

14. ID Tags. In case your dog ever becomes lost, an ID tag on the collar can help the two of you become reunited. Hopefully, it never happens but better safe than sorry. 

15. Car Safety Restraint. While driving in the car, a safety restraint can keep you and your pup safe. Driving with an adorable puppy on your lap is distracting. Also, if you were ever to have an accident while driving a restraint will ensure your puppy doesn't run away from the scene of the accident and even save their life. You can choose either a safety belt restraint or a pet carrier. 

16. Poop Bags. You're going to need these. Part of being a responsible pet parent is cleaning up after your dog. Dog poop is bad for the environment and in many places, it's against the law to not clean up dog poop. So pick up your dog poop and throw it in a trash can. 

17. Veterinary Care. Take your puppy to the vet! Be financially prepared for a series of several visits as a new puppy owner. Talk to your vet about vaccinations, microchips, heartworm prevention, flea prevention, and spaying/neutering. Ask questions if you have them! 

Be prepared for lots of cuteness, memories, messes, and mischief! Have fun with each other and remember to cherish each moment together. If you have any items to add to this list or tips for new puppy parents, please share in the comments below!


  1. great list! we had immediately had to find a liability insurance for me, to be prepared for worse things too :o)

  2. That's a pretty thorough list. Cats aren't quite as messy as dogs, but the mom can't live without her Bounty paper towels. :)

  3. Great list ! Paper towels are a must-have in every house with pets. Purrs

  4. That's a great list! We think paper towels are a must for all pet owners! :)

  5. i buy poop bags at the dollar store, if you go to the baby section, you get more and they are the same bags. also i found some really good dog nail clippers there and you can get the cat nail scissors there as well.

    1. Nice! Never thought of the human baby poop bags. Good tip.

  6. Great list! It is a puppy starter kit for sure!!!!

  7. shiner.....thiz iz knot troo lee a "supply" but a nice camera will be a must have two ♥♥♥

    1. You know, I seriously did consider adding that to this list too. ;)

  8. That is quite the list! Number 6 we buy by the case here!

  9. This is a great list, I think the only other thing someone might need is a puppy training class. (Of course lots of people already know how to train a pup.)

  10. Great list, paper towels is a must!!!!


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