Tuesday, March 8, 2016

7 Reasons to Love Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs are a small rodents with big personalities. Also known as a "cavy", these cuties are lovable and make good pets. While you are likely to find guinea pigs for sale in pet stores, there are plenty of adoptable guinea pigs looking for their forever homes right now in shelters and rescues. It's true - you can adopt a guinea pig!


As with any pet, make sure you do your research before you adopt. Guinea pigs are very different pets than cats and dogs, and require special care. They eat a lot. They eat mostly hay, greens, vegetables, and some fruit and pellets. Guinea pigs poop a lot - it's just part of who they are and means they are healthy! They can live about 6-7 years or even longer with good care. While they can make good pets for families with older children, adults can enjoy their companionship just as much. 

In my opinion, there isn't much NOT to love about guinea pigs. But in case someone out there needs more convincing, here are 7 Reasons to Love Guinea Pigs for Adopt a Rescued Guinea Pig Month. 

1. They have great hair. 

Guinea pigs are pretty stylish little critters. Many of them really know how to rock their look and have awesome hair!

Photo by Fotorus

2. They make cute noises. 

In case you didn't know, guinea pigs make the cutest noises EVER. They are sometimes described as "wheeks". 

3. They always appreciate a good meal. 

Even if you aren't the most talented chef in the world, a guinea pig will always appreciate a tasty meal when presented with one. This includes lots of hay, dark leafy greens, and some veggies and fruit. You won't hear complaints from these piggies!

Photo by Gisela Giarrdino

4. Good at cuddling. 

Need a cuddle partner? Guinea pigs got you covered. 

Photo by Nana B Agyel

5. Great fashion sense. 

While it doesn't really matter if your guinea pig has great fashion sense or not, they sure do look cute in a shiny hat and tiny purse. 

6. They'll cut your grass. 

Guinea pigs enjoy supervised time outdoors. Sunshine and fresh green grass are fun! While you might need quite a few piggies to get your grass to an acceptable height, they are still eager to do the work for you. ;) Cinnamon and Cookie from Carma Poodale are ready for work!

7. They like making friends. 

What's better than one guinea pig? Two guinea pigs, of course! Guinea pigs enjoy the company of other piggies. It's best to keep at least two or more.

Photo by james

When you're ready, ask you local shelter about adopting a rescued guinea pig. They're waiting for you! 


  1. Guinea pigs sounds like the best pet ever! :) I've had hamsters before but I've always wanted to have Guinea pigs too. <3 They are just too adorable and full of love! :)

  2. Guinea pigs are cool pets ! And they live daily, what make them more interesting in family with children than hamsters. Purrs

  3. They are absolutely adorable. We follow a couple of guinea-blogs! They have the CUTEST faces and love their little "wheeks" !!

    Hugs, Sammy

  4. The mom always wanted a guinea pig when she was a kid. She had hamsters and gerbils, but never a guinea pig.

  5. I love love love them. I'd go out right now and adopt 2 or 3 if my husband would let me - and if I knew of a pig-sitting service for when we travel! Seriously, it's a real problem - Ted doesn't like having rodents as pets. He tolerated it when our son was at home, but after he grew up Ted put his foot down. So long as he loves dogs, we've agreed to disagree on guinea pigs. Sigh. Your 7 reasons are right on!

  6. We have a rabbit right now, but have never had guinea pigs. I love their little squeaks and would love to have one join our family one day.

  7. My mom has never been a guinea pig lover. She prefers wabbits, or gerbils, or maybe a hamster which is a bit like a small guinea pig. We know a lot of folks that do love the piggies, though.

  8. My first pets. Loved them. We are planning a trip to Peru with our dog (it's what we do - travel with a small dog) and I am partially horrified at seeing them eaten.

    1. I had no idea they were eaten until a few years ago when I was looking for Guinea Pig photos on Flickr. It pulled up all those photos of cooked G pigs... yikes! I looked into it some more and learned it was in South America. I guess it makes sense since that's where they come from...

  9. I have a client with a guinea pig. I will definitely have to share this with her. I was just talking tonight about how pets need their grass & greens!

  10. They are super adorable! It would be a terrible idea to have them in the same house as a terrier though....

  11. When I fantasize about what small animal I may have as a pet again someday, it is so hard to choose between rats and Guinea pigs! My lovely rescued Brindle (named after her color) was such a joy! Though I never dressed her up... That trend began long after she had gone OTRB.

  12. I had three guinea pigs growing up. I loved them! Such sweet, smart creatures.

  13. I'm thinking of getting 6 guinea pigs. what's the right cage size for them?


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