Sunday, July 31, 2016

Discover the Secrets of Your Dog's DNA With ROYAL CANIN Genetic Health Analysis #NationalMuttDay

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According to the American Humane Association, mixed breed dogs (aka mutts) are the most popular type of dogs in the United States making up 53% of the nation's dog population. Unless you know the parents of your mixed breed dog, chances are you don't know which breeds of dog make up your dog's mix.

July 31 is National Mutt Day. A day to celebrate the beloved mixed breed dog. For National Mutt Day, Royal Canin® is encouraging mixed breed dog owners to discover the secrets of their dog's DNA through the ROYAL® CANIN Genetic Health Analysis™ (GHA). Royal Canin is a global leader in pet health nutrition. 

Learning what breeds make up a dog can be important. From food to health to exercise requirements, genetic testing tells dog owners what they need to know about their mixed breed dog. Many dog breeds are predisposed to specific health conditions. Wouldn't you like to know if your dog was prone to one of them?

What is ROYAL CANIN Genetic Health Analysis (GHA)?

According to a Royal Canin Genetic Health Analysis (GHA) survey, less than 20% of Americans have considered getting their mixed breed dog tested. Among dog owners, 45% do not know the breed makeup of their dog, and 44% don’t know what genetic diseases their dog is more prone to as a result of its breed ancestry. 

The ROYAL CANIN Genetic Health Analysis uses cutting edge science to examine the unique genetic sequence of a dog. The test uses the dog's DNA to help identify potential future health needs. With the results of the analysis, veterinarians and dog owners can work together to formulate a health and wellness plan that is customized to the dog. 

The video below shows how ROYAL CANIN GHA works. 

As an example, Frankie's veterinarian was able to formulate a health and wellness plan that is perfect for him based on his genetic make-up.


While the science behind the test itself is complex, the process for having it done on your dog is simple. Ask your vet about the ROYAL CANIN GHA. They will draw a small blood sample from your dog and send it off to the lab where it is processed and analyzed. It takes 2-3 weeks for results to come back to your veterinarian. Your veterinarian can then discuss the results with you and both of you can work together on a health and wellness plan for your dog based on the results of the analysis. 

They ROYAL CANIN Genetic Health Analysis will compare your dog's DNA to the genetic signatures of more than 250 breeds, types, and varieties of dogs. With more than 130 genetic mutation tests (including MDR1 for drug sensitivity), the GHA can help you create a proactive health care plan.

If your mutt is still a puppy, the GHA can help you predict his adult size and weight. This information can also help you ensure that he keeps a trim waistline and stays at a healthy weight. The GHA will offer nutritional guidelines and feeding recommendations based on your dog's breed make-up. 

And while all of the information that a ROYAL CANIN GHA will provide you with is important for your dog's future health and care, let's face it - aren't you the least bit curious what breeds make up your mutt? It would be fun to find out!

For National Mutt Day, do something different and special for you mutt. Ask your vet about ROYAL CANIN Genetic Health Analysis

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Happy National Mutt Day! 


  1. I hadn't heard of this. Pretty interesting. I have done Wisdom Panels on two of mine, and was very dissatisfied with the results of one.

  2. I love this idea! If I didn't know my boys genetic make-up I would jump on this in a NY minute!

  3. It's pretty darn amazing what science can tell us these days!

  4. This is amazing stuff!! Love this post, as the true make up of a dog has everything to do with knowing what to provide them to maximize overall health!!! Love it!!!

  5. Great information, thanks for the share!

  6. that sounds a great idea,it would help some dog owners in Northern Ireland too with some of the dogs when the look like pitbulls a band dog there,there was a case recently of a puppy that looked like a pitbull but was actually a labrador and english Staffy this could have been easily proved had the test been already done,lucky for the owners the dog has been returned to them but if the parentage couldn't have been proved the puppy would have been destroyed,xx Rachel

  7. This sounds a bit more extensive and informative than the DNA test we did on Luke. Interesting to know there are more options out there!


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