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Senior Dog Pet Photography Session Booked With #Thumbtack #ConsiderItDone

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Shiner just turned 13 years old this past May. She's getting older and I'm glad that I already have a lot of photos of her. Still, it is hard for me to capture good photographs of the two of us together. I'm always behind the camera. So aside from an occasional not-so-great selfie on my smart phone phone, I have very few nice photos of myself and the dog together.

Senior Dog Photography Session Booked With Thumbtack #ConsiderItDone
Photo by Tom Walton Photography

I have never hired a professional photographer before. Hiring a pet photographer has been something I've always wanted to do, but I was never quite sure where to begin. Last month, I was introduced to Thumbtack which made everything easy for me.

What Is Thumbtack?

Thumbtack connects people with the right local professionals for anything they need done. The possibilities are endless. You can hire pros to learn a new language, get in shape, remodel your home, or (in my case) hire a pet photographer for a senior dog photo shoot.

While hiring a professional photographer for my project sounds easy, getting to that point doesn't. It's hard to know where to begin to find someone for the project. While I have thought about the idea of a senior dog photo shoot with a pet photographer before, procrastination sets in and it's discouraging to think about the time it will take to find the right pro. It's also scary to let someone into your home.

Thankfully, with Thumbtack getting things done doesn't have to be scary or discouraging. Visit Thumbtack online, tell them what you want done, and let the skilled and available pros come to you! You can compare pricing and reviews all in one place and pick the pro that's right for you. And the best thing is that it's free.

My Thumbtack Experience
Find many pet professionals on Thumbtack - pet sitters, pet boarding, pet photography, pet trainers, and more with Thumbtack.
Find many pet professionals on Thumbtack - pet sitters, pet boarding, pet photography, pet trainers, and more.

I visited Thumbtack with hopes of finding a pet photographer in my area, Austin, TX. The process was simple and I was guided every step of the way by answering some questions that were tailored towards me and my needs.

After answering a few questions, Thumbtack told me to sit back and wait for the pros to contact me. It didn't take long before I received several messages from photographers who were qualified and ready to help me with my project.

Answer a short series of easy questions to help Thumbtack find professionals that fit your needs.
Answer a short series of easy questions to help Thumbtack find professionals that fit your needs.

Thumbtack provided me with all the information I needed to hire the right pet photographer for my senior dog photography session. I received custom quotes, user reviews, and pro profiles to look over before making my decision.

Of course, communication is always important when hiring a professional for whatever project you might have. Communication was made easy via the messaging system on the Thumbtack website. (They also have an app available.)

I found using Thumbtack much less frustrating then trying to find someone on my own. I could easily spend hours searching review websites, digging up business websites and Facebook pages, calling around for quotes, and finding someone who could work with a dog. This has really saved me a lot of time and probably a headache or two.

Senior Dog Photography Session Booked With Thumbtack

I ultimately selected Tom Walton Photography for our senior dog photo shoot. I chatted with him back and forth via the Thumbtack messaging online and we set up a time for an outdoor session at my home.

Senior Dog Photography Session #ConsiderItDone, Photo by Tom Walton Photography
Photo by Tom Walton Photography

Tom was wonderful to work with and we chatted about our pets for the duration of the session. One thing I was so worried about was how Shiner might react to the photographer. Shiner is typically not friendly to strangers that come into her area. She will bark and probably growl at them. That's about as much as she's ever done, but she sounds scary and looks intimidating.

Hiring a pet photographer with Thumbtack #ConsiderItDone
Photo by Tom Walton Photography

Much to my dismay, that's exactly what Shiner did when Tom arrived for the photo session. I was relieved when he did not act scared or alarmed by Shiner. I explained to him that she didn't like strangers and he seemed totally OK with it. He was very nice to her and I really appreciated that. After a while, Shiner got used to Tom being around and was more comfortable as I had hoped.

Senior Dog Pet Photography Session #ConsiderItDone
Photo by Tom Walton Photography

Overall, I am very pleased with the way our photos came out and am so glad to have found a pet photographer who I was comfortable working with. Now, I'll always have something wonderful to remember Shiner with. The next time I need to have a project completed by a professional, I will be using Thumbtack to help.

You can keep up with Thumbtack on Facebook and Instagram. Visit Thumbtack online for more information.

Have you hired a professional pet photographer before? Tell us about your experience in the comments!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Thumbtack. The opinions and text are all mine.


  1. Aw, those are some great photos of you and Shiner, Ann! And how easy Thumbtack made it to find what you were looking for! I will have to make note of the site for future stuff.

  2. Those photos are great! We've never used Thumbtack and I don't have the temperament to put up with strangers. TW did use a similar service when she had our duck work cleaned about 7 years ago. I think it was called Service Magic. We answered some questions and the phone started ringing.

  3. We've done this twice, once with Mom, Katie and I when Katie was ten, then last summer since Katie was 13 and we had Bailie to include. It is something everyone should do.

  4. What great photos of you and Shiner. The mom would love to have a professional photo of us with her, but we would never sit still long enough.

  5. Love these photos of you and Shiner! I've heard of Thumbtack, but never used them. What a great service!

  6. Dang, the photos are great and it sounds like you had a great experience!

  7. Wonderful photos, and what a clever service! I need to find someone to take photos of me with my crew.

  8. Pawsome photos Ann & Shiner :-) Shiner seems to be a pro posing. Interesting name for a site, going to check it out and love to know photographers in our area. Golden Woofs, SUGAR n mom Rosalyn

  9. Such lovely photos of you and Shiner, Ann! Thumbtack sounds like a great service. :)

  10. Great pictures of you and Shiner! I had no idea that she is 13 though, I would never like a stranger taking my picture for sure. Mom hates her picture taken but I would love to have some nice pictures of us together like yours. Love Dolly

  11. This is the first time I visit your blog but I have become your fan. Both you and Shiner are so lovely. Thanks for sharing these photos!

  12. That's a great idea/concept. Never heard of them before. You and Shiner look so good together. You should definitely take more photos together.

  13. I love your concept! Maybe I will do one like you with my cat. You guys look gorgeous! Thanks for sharing. It's so meanful!


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