Monday, August 8, 2016

Happy World Cat Day From Our Cats to Yours

August 8th was donned World Cat Day back in 2002. If you ask a cat, every day is World Cat Day  as it should be. Either way, it gives the cats an excuse to post even more cute pictures of themselves on the blog. Callie and Roadside thought they'd like to showcase photos of a few of their best cat skills today for World Cat Day.

"They obviously got the label on this box wrong. It should read 'ALL CAT' since I'm the one that is able to squeeze into it."

"Let me just taste this chip for you to make sure it tastes OK before you eat it."

"Yes. I've trained my slave human how to hand feed me delicious treats."

"I will conquer all the tails in this house!"

"I will also eat ALL the noms in this house!"

"All this snoopervising has made me sleepy..."



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