Thursday, August 11, 2016

Training for the Summer Games

Every four years when the Summer Games come around, I find myself glued to the TV watching. I love them! While I am by no means a big fan of most sports, I am still somehow captivated by watching the Olympics.

I've been thinking about which sport Shiner would be best at if there were Dog Summer Games. While sleeping and eating seem to come to mind first, I think she'd need to pick a sport that requires a little more athletic skill. Here are some sports I think she might do well competing in:

Of course, she'd have to prepare for the games to make sure she's ready! One way dogs can continue to stay active and healthy is with FetchFuel.

FetchFuel is a dietary nutritional supplement that is formulated to work for all dogs regardless of age, breed, or size. It comes in a squeeze bottle making it easy to add to your dog's regular food. No need to worry about powders or pills. FetchFuel is made with all natural flavoring and is produced in a human-grade facility in California.

Shiner's FetchFuel is specially formulated for her joints, hips, skin, and coat. Perfect to keep her going strong and looking good with Omega 3, Glucosamine, Antioxidants, Calcium, Vitamins, and Essential Minerals.

After taking her dietary supplement everyday, Shiner also plans to track her activity with an iQ Pet StarWalk Activity Tracker. The StarWalk attaches to dog collars and gives daily insight on your dog's activity levels. The information can be viewed right on your smartphone.

With StarWalk, you can see how active your dog is throughout the day and set goals. It's great for both dogs and humans, because it let's you know if your dog is getting enough outdoor exercise each day.

Here is what StarWalk monitors and records:
  • Total steps
  • Calories burned
  • Active time
  • Activity type
  • Distance traveled
  • Temperature
Surely, Shiner is bound to win a gold medal in some kind of dog sport with this training regimen!

If your dog could compete in a Summer Games event, what would it be and why? Tell us in the comments! 


  1. I love the idea of star walk... maybe I can use it for Easy and so we both can count our steps as long as I'm not able to activate my fit bit fake LOL

  2. Jaxson would certainly compete in track and field and perhaps swimming. He'd be great in the 200 meter relay!

  3. We have the StarWalk and it is a lot of fun for tracking activity!

  4. StarWalk sounds like FitBit for dogs ! We hope FetchFuel doesn't count as doping for the Pawlympics, MOL ! Purrs

    1. Yes it is a like a FitBit for dogs! AND BOL - I think she should be safe with the FetchFuel. It uses natural ingredients so paws crossed!

  5. shiner.....any pup who can dive under water getz a ten in R book !! ♥♥♥☺☺☺

  6. Shiner you are so talented! My sport would probably be napping, and mom's too because that's all we do while watching the games. Love Dolly

  7. i have not been on line much, because i love watching the olympics. growing up it was my dream to ride horses in the olympics. however, it cost a lot of money and the horses cost millions, they are syndicated. i think my oldest would have done well at soccer. she loved balls and running after them, when she was younger. the middle child would be good in food catagory if they had one, she is a real foodie. she would be good at running, though. the baby, now 6, would be good at watching in the stands, she just likes her toys. i saw this on another pet product website, it would be really good except my smartphone does not work well.

    1. Yes, a lot of these sports seem so expensive to do especially at Olympics level. But they are for sure fun to watch.

  8. It sounds like Shiner is definitely ready to start training to go for the gold!


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