Saturday, August 13, 2016

Pet Blooper Reel #8

It's been a pretty good month for pet photo bloopers around here. Especially with a kitten around. Each month, I share a few bloopers in the Pet Blogger Blooper Round-Up.

Roadside has proven to be quite a challenge to take good photos of. Unless he's sleeping. That's when I can take the cutest pictures of him. If I try to get him to pose with something for a product review, it's almost impossible. He just has the desire to knock everything over and attack it.


He ended our Fresh Wave photo shoot pretty quickly.

Shiner has actually been better than usual for her photos lately. I'm happy about that. She still likes to give me the ol' "I refuse to look at the camera" bit though.

As for Callie, she just has to deal with photo bombs from her Cat Dad.

"Seriously!? Go brush your teeth somewhere else!" 

Hope you all enjoyed the bloopers! Stop by next months and I'm sure we'll have plenty more for you.


  1. Roadside is so cute! My Aunt once had a foster named Traffic Better luck getting him to pose next month.

  2. OMC, the bloopers with Roadside are adorable! I had better not show them to my human - she may want another kitten! And I intend to be the only kitten around here (even if I am almost 2-1/2).

  3. MOL! Those are some great bloopers. We've been doing the "don't look at the camera" move lately too.

  4. Although it is frustrating photographing kittens and puppies, it is beautiful to see their zest for life and being able to turn anything into a fun game.

  5. Kittens don't really ever stay still, do they? Sheba is the one around here that will often refuse to look at the camera; there's always at least one, right?
    Too funny, at first I was like "what the heck is the cat dad doing there?"

    1. Oh he saw me trying to take her picture and decided to butt in! lol

  6. MOL! Those are some great bloopers, pals! The one of Shiner especially made us smile. :)

  7. Darn missed it again! But with a kitten I see there's no end to subject matter! Great bloopers! Love Dolly


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