Friday, September 2, 2016

Make Creative Pet Videos With Wondershare Filmora Video Editor Software

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Over the past few years, one part of blogging that I've enjoyed is making short videos and movies. While I may not be an expert video creator, I feel like sharing videos of the pets I blog about gives you, my readers, a better idea of what my pets are like in action. It helps to connect you with them more, if you will.

For the most part, I've used very simple video editors to create my videos. For quite a while, I've wanted to try something new because Windows Movie Maker just isn't cutting it anymore. Sure, it gets the job done and is easy to use but I wanted to try something better.

Then, I heard about Wondershare Filmora Video Editor Software. They asked if I'd like to try their video editor software, so I agreed. Why not? I'm looking to try something new for my videos.

Using Wondershare Filmora to Make Pet Videos

As I stated above, I am not an expert at videos but I still really enjoy sharing them with everyone. I need something relatively easy to figure out. As time goes on, I'll be able to learn more and get better at it. (That's how it usually works with me, though.) My first time using Wondershare Filmora was quite easy. You can watch the first video I created with this software below.

I opened the video editing software, imported my videos, and shortened them to the lengths I wanted, cutting out any unwanted footage. All easy enough to figure out how to do.

After compiling my video clips together in the order I wanted, I decided to explore a bit more and see what else I could do with Wondershare Filmora. Turns out they have a nice selection of overlays, filters, effects, and transitions. There are actually so many that I haven't had the chance to look through all of them yet. There are several examples in the video above that you can see.

After adding some cool effects to the my Kitten Life video, I added some music. Wondershare Filmora has some music available for use in the software. You can also add your own music, as I decided to do in this video.

When I felt like my video was ready to publish, I was able to upload it directly to YouTube from the Wondershare Filmora software. Easy!

I am delighted to have found a video editor software that's simple to work with and will help me create nice pet videos.

Wondershare Filmora Features

If you are looking for an alternative video editor software to Windows Movie Maker or iMovie, you should give Wondershare Filmora a try. Here are some of the features you'll find:
  • Audio editing
  • Special effects like "Picture in Picture" and "Split Screens"
  • Share on social media easily straight from the software
  • Import almost any format 
  • Easy to add titles, filters, movement, and music
You can find a free trial download of Wondershare Filmora here. The full feature version of Wondershare Filmora is available for $49.99, which I think is a good price for all that it has to offer. 

What video editor software do you use for your videos? Are you happy with it? Share with us in the comments! 


  1. guys.....we gived yur moovee 984 paws up for actshun & mor actshun !!! it total lee rockz.....we onlee haz de videe oh dee vice on de cell ewe lar... N it frank lee iz like a sux...we canna even make a 20 second moovee then send it via emailz any mor ......

    anyway; heerz two a lake whitefish kinda week oh end ~~~~ see ya twoozday ~~~~~~♥♥♥♥

  2. Wowzers! You did a fabulous job on your video, Ann! Never would have guessed it was your first one. Have a great weekend!

  3. thanks for this review... in came in time after the moviemaker works no longer with the windows 10 upgrade... I will check it out :o)

    1. Yea it gave me some weird problems a while back too...

  4. Videos are our downfall. We are not good at them and editing is no fun, but this sounds like a fun software that might help us out.

  5. I haven't even tried making a video ... even though I know they are quite popular ... maybe one of these days!

  6. Very innerestin'. Wish we had da money to buy it. But alas, we'll keep usin' movie maker dat came with windows.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  7. I tried my hand at video editing before, but it didn't turn out good. Will check this out!

  8. How totally cool! We can't do anything with my videos. I wanted to add the Aristo app but it costs .99 which I guess is better than $50.

  9. We don't do any videos much because it has been such a pain. We don't have Windows, we have an older Mac and switched to a Chomebook so it's not likely a choice for us. It looks good though!

  10. it is nice when you find a product that helps you be creative

  11. Your video is great! I have shied away from video because I feel intimidated by it, but if I ever get up the nerve, I'll consider Wondershare Filmorama.


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