Monday, November 14, 2016

Pet Blooper Reel #11

I can't believe it, but we're on our 10th edition of the Pet Blooper Roundup! I've had a lot of fun with this series and hope you all have too. And with that, we'll hop right in to the pet bloopers for this month.

First up is Roadside. He's been busy making a lot of mischief lately. He was the main star of our recent cat litter review, but gave me a LOT of trouble with the photos. When I first added fresh litter to his box, he decided that it needed to be used immediately. There was not time for photos... If there's one thing he can't resist, it's a fresh litter box.

And FINALLY, Callie has a blooper this month. But ONLY because of that pesky kitten! As you can see here, Roadside is trying to photo bomb Callie but she's not having any of that.

One of my biggest challenges with photographing Shiner is getting her to stay and look at the camera. Especially if we are outside. Of course, I'm sure there are much more interesting things to look at outside so I can't blame her. 

I wanted to try and get one of those cute over-the-shoulder poses with her Dog's Best Trend scarf on. Probably the hardest kind of picture to get with her. I eventually got one that was OK, but here's one of the many outtakes. 

We'll see you all next month for the final Pet Blooper Reel of 2016! Thanks to The Lazy Pit Bull for hosting the Pet Blogger Blooper Roundup.


  1. My human has had the same problem with us, trying to photograph us with a fresh litter box - we have to jump in right away!

  2. Cats are always tough to get to cooperate!

  3. MOL! That first photo of Roadside is the purrfect advertisement for litter. ;)

  4. That's so funny that Roadside finds it necessary to use fresh litter immediately. It's such a cat thing to do. Can you imagine if us humans did that every time we cleaned our toilets?!

    Glad to hear you eventually got a good over-the-shoulder photo of Shiner wearing the scarf. That is a funny blooper shot of Shiner.

    Your pets are adorable!

    Sending ♥ to Roadside, Callie and Shiner!

  5. MALES! Always have to be the first in a clean litter box. Even when he's the only cat in the house (I'm talking about Bear Cat)!

  6. the cats squabbling! Typical kitten trying to steal Callie's limelight!
    I'm always making foolish noises trying to get the dogs or Sam to actually look at the camera. Profiles are nice, right? :)

  7. Squeaky toys are a good way to get me to look at the camera, I'm just as bad as Shiner when it comes to looking away. Love Dolly

  8. That photo of Callie made me laugh. Sophie is our photo bomber, but she won't pose for photos.


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