Friday, March 3, 2017

What Would Your Pet Do If They Had Thumbs?

Today is "If Pets Had Thumbs Day". I'm not exactly sure why this "holiday" exists other than to speculate what our pets might do or be capable of if they had thumbs like us.

Yesterday, I sat in my chair and thought about this... What would my pets do if they had thumbs? After thinking for a while, I decided that they can already do almost everything they want to do without them.

Take Shiner for example. I'd think that she might like to open up a bag of treats that are sitting on the counter. However, she already does this all the time without the help of any thumb. A little counter surfing and teeth for bag ripping is all she needs, really.

Who needs thumbs when I have perfectly good teeth?

Roadside would probably also use thumbs to open his food bag, except that he's already pretty darn good at that without thumbs too. He uses the same tactic as Shiner. Unless one of the kids leaves the cupboard door open, he can't get to the food. He'd probably use thumbs to open that up. And I can only imagine that he'd still use his teeth to rip open the bag of food.

And Callie? I though maybe Callie would like to come in my room if the door is closed. Well, she can open the door just fine without thumbs. (That may be more due to the fact that the door isn't that great and can be pushed open without turning a knob.) Callie pretty much helps herself to most of the rooms in the house.

Although, she does love a good can of cat food. I imagine she'd probably indulge herself in all the canned goodness she could eat if she had thumbs.

So what do you think - what would your pet do if they had thumbs? Tell us in the comments!


  1. I think they all do fine without thumbs! I do too.

  2. Good points! You can find out what Cody would do by reading his blog (wink) catchatwithcarenandcody

  3. We would definitely take a more active role in getting our own treats and food.

  4. Y'know, I have thumbs and I haven't learn how to use them properly. ~Ernie

  5. LOL Funny to think about! I think Titan would act like the Fonz and give me a big thumbs up. Zue, probably nothing. :)

    Pibbles & Me

  6. Good ideas ! We shared some of ours yesterday too :) Purrs

  7. Toby would turn doorknobs and open the fridge. Honestly I think he could work the fridge now but doesn't realize it :D

  8. Gracie and Zoe are pretty clever and resourceful, even without thumbs. We kind of shudder to think what they could accomplish with thumbs! :)

  9. the only reason to have thumbs is to steal the dad's TV remote *ebil laff* ~ Faraday

    Otherwise, hey we're good with human servants, aren't you? :-D

    The mom hasta laff because that's yet ANOTHER Holiday (we didn't invent). (at Hallmark) MOL!


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