Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Senior Dog Retirement Home Provides Care for Homeless Dogs

Senior dogs are awesome! However, when a senior dog ends up at a shelter it can be difficult for them to find a new home. They are often viewed as difficult to care for or expensive in the later stages of their life.

In Michigan, the Silver Muzzle Cottage takes in homeless senior dogs and makes sure that they are loved and cared for for the rest of their lives. Run by Kim Skarrit, Silver Muzzle Cottage is the only dog hospice in Michigan. Many of the dogs at the retirement home were sadly abandoned by their families. To date, the rescue has taken in 93 senior dogs. 

This rescue takes in homeless senior dogs and places them with foster families. Dogs who have been given a limited amount of time to live due to poor health, are placed in the dog hospice facility. The Cottage provides assisted living services to dogs in need of hospice care.

Once a week, the senior dogs visit elderly humans in a retirement home to spread the love. Watch the short video below by 60 Second Docs for a heartwarming story about this senior dog retirement home. 

Many senior dogs devote their lives to their human families only to be abandoned late in life. The purpose of the Silver Muzzle Cottage is to ensure that each senior dog that is rescued leaves this world knowing that they were loved and that they mattered to someone. 

When considering pet adoption, don't forget about our older furry friends! They still have plenty of love to pass along. 


  1. I have two seniors right now, and every day is blessing, as I dread the day they will leave me. I can't imagine the kind of heartless, unfeeling nature it would take to abandon your best friend in their senior years.

  2. Seniors are so loving and they deserve the love in return. Such a nice place!

  3. I've heard of such a place before. It really is a wonderful idea. So sad to see seniors abandoned.

  4. I love that place so much, and it gives me all the feels every time I read about them. There's such a need for people with that level of compassion.

  5. Hey, this place is in our state! But way up north from us. What a wonderful thing for them to do to take in seniors.

  6. What a wonderful program. I think a lot of people miss out on just how easy senior pets can be. Even though they may have health issues, they make the best and easiest companions with so much love to give, and not asking much in return.
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets


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