Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Tidy Cats Breeze Cat Litter Box System for Easy Cat Care #ChewyInfluencer

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Each month, our friends at Chewy.com send over a pet product for us to try out. This month, we tried out a new cat litter box system. The Tidy Cats Breeze Cat Litter Box System is a little different than most traditional litter boxes. I was both excited to see how it works and nervous about whether or not my cats would welcome this new litter box.

You can purchase the entire Tidy Cats Breeze Cat Litter Box System from Chewy.com. It comes with everything you need to maintain a clean litter box for a month. And I might add that it's very affordable too. This is what comes with the cat litter box system:

  • Breeze litter-box
  • Litter scoop
  • 3.5 lb bag of Breeze litter pellets
  • 4 Breeze pads

So how exactly does this thing work? Set up the Breeze litter box with or without the hood - whatever your cat prefers. (There is actually a non-hooded version of this product available as well.) Add the bag of Breeze litter pellets to the litter box. These pellets are larger than normal litter and are specially designed for this box. The pellets are dehydrating, 99% dust-free and anti-tracking to help keep you home clean. Next, add a Breeze pad to the tray under the litter. The Breeze pad will absorb liquid. 

Watch the video below to see for yourself. 

I have to say that I absolutely love the litter pellets. Yes, a few pellets may find their way out of the box occasionally but they are so much more manageable and less annoying than regular litter. The Breeze pads are meant to be changed weekly and can absorb a lot of urine. I was quite amazed. 

And what about the cat poop? That is left above with the litter pellets to be conveniently scooped out. I think the Tidy Cats Breeze Cat Litter Box System is extremely convenient to scoop. Especially since there are no urine clumps to deal with. It also really does keep odors at bay.

My cats, Roadside and Callie, will both use the litter box. I think Roadside was most excited about it, but he is always excited about fresh cat litter for some reason. He has absolutely no qualms about using it. Callie seemed hesitant at first, but I think she's warmed up to it. This litter box system includes information about how to introduce you cat to the new box too, which is nice. 

In conclusion, the Tidy Cats Breeze Cat Litter Box System is convenient, easy to use, and affordable. I'll be sticking with our Breeze from now on because I love it and would recommend it to others as well. 

You can find a Tidy Cats Breeze Cat Litter Box System on Chewy.com HERE. Chewy.com ships out fast and offers free shipping on purchases of $49 and over. They even offer autoshipping so that your cat will never run out of litter. Be sure to check out Chewy.com on Facebook and Twitter.

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What do you think of the Tidy Cats Breeze Cat Litter Box System? Would your cats use it? 


  1. Looks like a pretty nifty litter box :D

  2. What a smart idea ! That sounds like a good litter box system. Purrs

  3. I bet I won't use but we're gonna find out soon!

    1. HA! Good luck. I really like it, but then again I'm a human and not a cat. Roadside seems to dig it.

  4. We wondered how well that worked. We don't like pellets and the box is really small, so we didn't review it, but it was good to see it works. big hugs

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena


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