Friday, March 28, 2014

Custom Made Gift for a Rat from Coccolino Creations on Etsy

A little while back, our friend Coccolino the mini pig and his mom, Katie, announced the opening of their new Etsy store - Coccolino Creations. Katie creates handmade pet beds for dogs, cats, and of course mini pigs. The store opened before Nibblet got sick, and I knew I wanted to place an order for a special custom made bed right away.

I finally placed my order a few weeks later. I asked Katie if she could make a special bed for a rat - Nibblet. I know Katie has a special pet of her own, so I figured she could appreciate the request. To say the least, Katie was wonderful to work with and was able to make me a custom made rat bed and get it shipped over to me quickly. 

The bed came packaged in some cute gift wrap with ribbons and a nice little note to our Nibblet. And she even included a little blanket that matches the bed. Needless to say I love the bed. My 2 year old daughter also loves it and keeps trying to steal it for her toys. She's already snatched that little blanket out of the cage a few times now. 

Nibblet is still sick, so she is mostly hiding in her boxes right now. I plan to fashion a special box with this bed inside for her soon though. 

Here's a little bit more about Coccolino Creations, taken from their Etsy store:

"Coccolino Creations is a specialty pet shop inspired by cuddles and warmth as the foundation of our handmade designs. "Coccolino" means "little cuddlebug" in Italian and is also the name of our mischievous but irresistible pet mini pig.  
The blog, My Mini Pet Pig, was created in July 2012 upon the arrival of our mini pig Coccolino and chronicles our family's life with a pet mini pig. Coccolino is the cuddliest pet we have ever had (we've had them all!). He would cuddle - and eat - all day long if he could. 

With him in mind, I have named our pet shop Coccolino Creations because I want to emphasize that every item is hand made to be as cuddly as possible for your pet."

Also, for every item purchased from Coccolino Creations a portion of the proceeds will go towards making more pet beds to be donated to homeless pets in need. I know that Katie has done similar projects to make blankets for shelter pets in the past and I admire her dedication to pets in need.

If you want to support a wonderful small business and help shelter animals at the same time, I suggest you visit Coccolino Creations on Etsy.

And while I'm talking about Nibblet, I'll go ahead and let you all know how she's doing with a quick update. It seemed as though her medicine was helping a little at first, but then on Monday night she became even more wobbly. Falling over with extreme shakiness when she walked and sometimes rolling over. This is typical for rats with an ear infection, so it doesn't surprise me too much. Although it is a bit disheartening to witness with your own pet.

She has been acting as though she wants to be close to me so I can hold and comfort her, so I've been doing just that when I am up late working on the computer.

Wednesday, I talked to her veterinarian, Dr. Schroeder from White Rock Veterinary Hospital about trying some different medication. Nibblet is now taking BNT topical ear ointment, which happens to be my absolute favorite medicine for Shiner's ear infections. She is also now taking Chloramphenicol for her upper respiratory infection.

For now, I am helping her stay as comfortable as possible. So special thanks to Katie from Coccolino Creations for helping a little bit with that.

She's only been hanging out on the first floor of her mansion. I'm afraid she would fall off the ramps if she were to try and climb to the 2nd floor.

Again, special thanks for all of your kind words! Let's hope that she feels better soon with this new treatment plan.


  1. They are great and we have just come over from Cocco's blog where they have kindly donated some to their local shelter.
    Get well soon sweet Nibblet and you get plenty of TLC from mum now.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. That is so cool, but we sure hope that sweet Nibblet finds the all better really soon.

  3. Love that connection that Coccolino Creations beds have to the local shelter….so wonderful for homeless animals! I hope that Nibblet starts to feel better soon…she sure is cute!

  4. cute little bed for Nibblet ,hope she feels better soon,xx Speedy

  5. Hope that cute Nibblet gets better soon, and the bed is so beaudiful and colorful ♥

  6. Ann! Thank you so much for your thoughtful review and sharing my work! That was so nice of you and I'm very grateful :-) Hope sweet Nibblet feels better soon.

  7. That is really cute!!! Hope Nibblet gets better soon!!! :)

  8. That's so cute. I love the beds and it's so great you wrote such a nice review! Please feel better dear Nibblet. Have a good weekend!

  9. Feel better soon Nibblet so you can enjoy your adorable new bed! Love Dolly

  10. What a cute special bed for your rat! I love Coocolino's sapien's crafty skills!

  11. That is just darling. I love it!

  12. nibblet.......yur bed N blankit is rockin awesum N we hope ya get ta feelin WAY better REEEEELY blessings oh St Francis two ewe...we wood say eat a trout but we dunno if ratz like it !! :)

    hope everee one enjoyz de week oh end N heerz ta platez oh perch ♥

    1. Thanks guys! She can eat meat, but I've never tried to give her any fish before because I wasn't sure about it for rats.

  13. What a sweet little bed. i hope that Nibblet gets to snuggle in it really soon!

  14. That little custom Nibblet bed sure is adorable. We hope this new scrip works some wonders, and that Nibblet is back to full health and happiness soon.

  15. Oh no! I hope Nibblet is feeling better real soon.

  16. I hope the new meds work and Nibblet gets feeling better soon.


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