Thursday, March 27, 2014

March #PetBox Review | Organic Dog Shampoo, Toys, Treats, and More

As many of you may have read last week, Shiner is now an official PetBox Spokesdoggy. This means she is going to bring you all the latest and most barkworthy news on PetBox. Don't know what PetBox is? Well, let us inform you then!

March PetBox Review

PetBox is a monthly subscription box for your pet that includes a nice variety of high quality pet products. They aren't just for dogs - PetBox also offers a box for cats! We've already received a couple of PetBoxes and they just seem to get better and better every time. Some of the products in our PetBoxes have included grooming products, treats, dog food, oral hygiene products, and toys just to name a few. 

Each month, you have the option to choose the products that go into your PetBox or you can have a surprise box delivered instead. Shiner's box is always a surprise. They are more fun for us anyways. If you don't like surprises, it's nice to have the option of selecting what products go into your box. This way you can choose items that fit you and your dog's lifestyle. Plus, for each PetBox that is shipped out a hungry shelter animal gets a meal.

March's PetBox definitely did not disappoint. We got a very nice variety of items in our box that are going to come in pretty handy. 

  • Jump Joint Health Dog Treats by In Clover - We got some of the healthy coat treats last time, so these will be a nice edition to our treat collection. 
  • Organic Oscar Dog Shampoo and Conditioner - This is probably my favorite product from March's box. The containers are to die for cute and the shampoo smells divine! We haven't tried the shampoo yet, but can't wait. 
  • Vetericyn - I have heard a lot of positive things about this product, but have never used it before. It's a spray that can be used for cleaning wounds, scratches, skin ulcers, burns, irritated skin, hot spots, rashes, cuts, and more. Basically, this stuff is a must have item for your pet first aid kit!
  • BOGO Bowl Dog Food - Shiner ate her sample of this food eagerly and she thoroughly enjoyed it. When you buy a bag of this food, the brand also donates a bag to a pet in need. Love the concept!
  • SPOT Skinneez Platypus dog toy - This is Shiner's personal favorite from March's PetBox. She promptly picked it from her box and began to play with it. These toys are stuffing free, but do come with a squeaker inside. Shiner de-squeaked her Playtpus quickly but the toy is still very much intact and she's been playing with it daily for about a week and a half now. She loves thrashing it about and giving it a good shake. It's definitely more durable than I was expecting. 

Skinneez Platypus Dog Toy from our PetBox

Last week, we hosted our first Social Media giveaway on Instagram. Thanks to all who submitted a photo! We enjoyed them all. The lucky winner of our #luckofthepetbox giveaway was JoAnn S. from Sand Spring Chesapeakes. Hope your pups enjoy, but I'm sure they will! Stay tuned next month for another PetBox giveaway. 

Save 10% on PetBox

If you're interested in ordering a PetBox monthly subscription for your dog or cat, you can save 10% by using the special discount code "PAWSITIVELY" at checkout. If you've never tried PetBox before, Shiner and I highly recommend them! After all, each box has at least $50 worth of products inside and a PetBox costs as little as $29/month. We are looking forward to next month's surprise!


  1. Great give-away and well done to JoAnn. We can see Shiner enjoyed hers. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Congratulations to Shiner again for his new "gig" Nice to know that PetBox gives you an option to select items. The company I'm presently using does not offer that - hmmmmmmm

  3. That really is the best job ever. So many fun things to test out!

  4. Shiner, I think that is SO cool you are a spokesdoggy!!!!!!
    The PetBox looks great! Perhaps after my subscription to BarkBox ends I will try this one! I like how you can pick what you get in it!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  5. I know you love it when that special box shows up Shiner!

  6. The element of surprise is one of my favorite things about subscription boxes!

  7. Geez Shiner I'd love to hear how you got a job like this! Lucky dog. Love Dolly

  8. Congrats on becoming a spokesdoggy! I'd love the shampoo for Beamer.

  9. We missed the instagram thing. We just got on instagram in November and are hoping that when the weather warms up we will use it more. Right now we think to take photos with the phone, but it is just too cold out and to take of gloves and hold dogs, etc, we just decide to pass :)

    1. Oh yea I am bad at taking photos sometimes or my phone is always dead. Seems like I only remember to take them when we're indoors anyways. I've been doing better at uploading blog photos to my phone lately though so I can share them on IG.

  10. Those are PAWSOME boxes!!!!
    They do such a great job with all the goodies!
    : )

  11. Congratulations on your new job! It sounds very exciting and no doubt you will be very good at it. I will have to see what a cat box looks like - sounds like fun to me. The biggest interest around here is the kitty toys. We have enough, but they play with all of them - the living room floor is usually covered with toys.

    1. The toys always seem to be Shiner's favorite too.


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