Saturday, July 5, 2014

Muddles the Pig Meets Shiner | PrideBites Dog Toys

Shiner loves toys and bacon. What dog doesn't? When PrideBites asked if she'd like to sample one of their toys, she was happy to oblige. She never says no to a good toy! I have really been wanting one of these PrideBites dog toys for a while, because they are just so cute and look like a ton of fun.

PrideBites sent us a fun dog toy from their collection - Muddles the Pig to be exact. Shiner couldn't wait to get her paws on this toy! The toy squeaks, is fun for playing tug of war with, floats in the water, and is machine washable. Muddles is made from durable fleece and has soft foam stuffing on the inside.

Of course, I was concerned that Shiner might shred poor Muddles since he is a soft toy. I was glad to read on the label that Muddles has specific types of play that he is intended for. This PrideBites dog toy is NOT intended to be a chew toy, but there are lots of other fun games to play with it.

  • Tug of War
  • Fetch
  • Water play
  • Indoor/outdoor games
  • Cuddle friend for your dog at naptime

Shiner is very good at the game of Tug of War and usually wins versus me. This PrideBites dog toy can withstand up to 55 lbs of pull pressure when playing Tug of War. Shiner won our game of Tug of War when we first tested out Muddles to Pig dog toy, and he did not rip or tear at all! 

If your dog loves playing the games mentioned above and likes a good soft dog toy, we recommend PrideBites. Their dog toy designs are super cute and the toys are durable when used as intended. 

I really love the customized PrideBites dog toys. You can have a toy created to look just like your dog and have their name printed on it. Here's a few examples, taken from the PrideBites website - 

If you'd like to order a special and fun PrideBites dog toy for your pup, we have a special discount code that you can use at checkout - PAWSITIVELY. If you use this code when purchasing from the PrideBites website, you will save 10% off your purchase. Click here to visit PrideBites and pick out a toy for your dog! 

Happy Playtime! Has your dog tried PrideBites dog toys before? Tell us about it! 

We received a PrideBites dog toy at no charge in exchange for this review. All opinions expressed here are our own. This post does contain affiliate links. 


  1. I really need to try out one of these toys. I've been seeing such great reviews on them. I love that you can get a personalized one!

  2. Shiner, come back with that, we want to play too!

  3. Great review!! I have been wanting to check out PrideBites for the longest time for Taylor! And your video of Shiner was too cute!!

  4. That was fun Shiner and you two seem to be having a good old time!

  5. I think the PrideBites toys are just precious. I'd love to get one with Bentley's face on it. I'll have to check it out! Have fun playing tug o' war with Shiner this Fourth of July weekend! ♥

  6. What a nice idea to get YOUR personalized toy! How nice, Shiner showed Muddles her yard, isn't that cute?

  7. I have these on my list of toys to try, once Luke is a little less destructive! Though I might get him one before that, and just keep a close eye on it!

    1. The website explains really well that the toys are meant more for you to play with your dog than to just let them go at it with it. Which is awesome I think. Better encouragement to play together!

  8. Those toys are so dang cute! Ace would probably love them! He usually doesn't chew/destroy soft toys. I love that they are so easy to wash because, let's face it, toys get really dirty, especially if they are taken outside.

    Cute video too!


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