Friday, October 9, 2015

Pawsome Pet of the Week - Lexy the Ladycat

Welcome to our weekly interview segment! Each week, we have an exclusive interview with a special pet and they are our Pawsome Pet of the Week. Meet this week's Pawsome Pet - Lexy the Ladycat. We have previously interviewed her cat sister, Lola, just in case you missed it.

But, today we are shining the spotlight on Miss Lexy. Lexy is a lovely black and white cat who is an estimated 7 years young. She lives in New York with her human Mother, after she was abandoned by her previous family.
"Good morning, Miss Ann. First I would like to thank you for choosing me to participate in this fab column. I'm originally from Rockland County, NY about an hour north of where I live now. I was abandoned by my family when they moved and ended up in a very nice shelter. I lived there a year before I found Mother. (We're from the same home town.) Now I live in NYC in the borough of Queens." 
After spending a year in a shelter, we sure are glad that Lexy was able to find a purr-fect home. Lexy specializes in snoopervising her Mother's tasks. This is just one of her attributes that makes her a Pawsome Pet.
"Well, Miss Ann, I must say that I am a very funny feline. Mother never knows what she'll  find me doing next. I might be squeezing into the basket on top of the microwave or watching what Mother is doing from the top of the refrigerator. I'm very unpredictable and may even be found hiding in the laundry bags. I also watch Mother do just about everything to make sure it's  perfect."

What would her Mother do without her?! One of Lexy's favorite activities is her "morning love fest" with her Mother. She also claims to have a special appreciation for boxes.
"Boxes!  I love boxes. Whenever Mother gets a new box she leaves it out for a while for me to enjoy before it goes into recycling."

Lexy enjoys fine food and her favorite is Fancy Feast. She peefers the Grilled variety - hold the fish. For snacks, Lexy likes her Temptations cat treats, claiming that they are "the best treat ever". And she even gets an occasional piece of deli turkey meat.

As mentioned above, Lexy is a very good snoopervisor. She says that she has taken up the role of "family inspector" in her house. It's a tough job making sure everyone is safe when new people, objects, or packages arrive at her home.
"I am the family inspector. Whenever something comes into the house I have to give it the once over to make sure it's OK. I make sure I sniff it top to bottom and once it has my seal of approval it's accepted into the household. This includes people, too."

Lexy's gorgeous feline features are said to "melt the coldest of hearts". We'll definitely believe that! Here favorite thing about herself? Her nose.
"Besides my sense of humor, I love my pink nose. So does Mother since she's always kissing it. I'm very expressive and a human can tell what I'm thinking just by looking at my face. I have lovely eyes that could melt the coldest of hearts."
Special thanks to Miss Lexy for today's Pawsome Pet of the Week Interview! If you'd like to see more of Lexy, she shares a blog with her sister. Their blog is titled "Lola the Rescued Cat". You can also follow Lexy on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Stop by and let her know just how pawsome she is!

Stop by here next week for another Pawsome Pet of the Week!


  1. hmmm... seems my comment was stolen by gremlins...
    Lexy you are my feline twin :o) I love boxes too :o)

  2. How awesome that you interviewed Lexy too! My human and I love her.

  3. Thank you, Miss Ann! I am honored to be a part of your fab column. ~Lexy~

    1. And thank you Lexy - I truly appreciate it!

  4. Lexy is definitely a pawesome cat! It sounds like she has her hands full supervising her human.

  5. ~~~~~~~ waves two ewe lexy !!!!! hay ewe gorgeous......we loved lurnin a wee bit mor bout ewe two day...may we say ya lookin gooooooooooooooooooooood on yur perch ;) hope yur fryday & caturday R grate dayz....meowz two lola ~~
    heerz two a redfin perch kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

  6. We love both Lexy and her sister Lola.

  7. Lexy is so pretty and adorable! This is a great interview!

  8. We love Lexy and Lola! Thanks for interviewing Lexy ... it was fun getting to know her a little better!

  9. Nice to learn more about you Lexy. I would kiss that cute pink nose if I could.

  10. Miss Lexy is a beauty! I think she and Samantha would enjoy hanging around in boxes and baskets together!


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