Friday, June 10, 2016

Pet Blooper Reel #6

First of all, I can't believe this is Blooper Reel #6. That means we are half way through this year already! It's going by too fast!

Each month, I share some of my photo bloopers that didn't quite make the cut. In reality, most of the pictures don't make the cut. The Pet Blogger Bloopers Roundup is hosted by The Lazy Pit Bull and everyone is invited to share their best bloopers.

So let's get right to it! First up on our blooper reel is Callie. For our recent review of YPCK Kitty Kake, I wanted a photo of Callie with the Kitty Kake packaging. I thought it would be easiest to just take a picture where she was already sitting. Of course, she absolutely refused to look at the camera for longer than half a second so I have several shots like this one.

As for the dogs, they can both be found in one blooper. This is when Shiner and Farrah were getting to know each other and I took them for short walks together outside. I wanted to get a picture of them playing together. Most photos turned out too blurry to be worth anything because Farrah moves like a bolt of lightning.

However, she paused just long enough for me to snap a picture of her doing her business right in front of Shiner. When you gotta go, you gotta go. At least Shiner looks excited about it.

You can enjoy more Pet Blogger Bloopers from the links below. Happy Friday! 


  1. HAH! I'll bet Shiner couldn't wait to roll in it, gross as I think that is. Callie has read the cat playbook and follows the rules perfectly.

  2. Reviews are always good for a blooper. And that last one is a blooper winner!

  3. the business break is mostly the only chance for me too to take a non-blurry photo :o)

  4. LOL!! As I always say "no cooperation whatsoever!" I agree on two things: the year is going by too fast, and most of my photos don't make the cut either!

  5. Got to love an uncooperative cat and a pooping dog! Love Dolly

  6. Funny bloopers! Especially that the only time Farrah stopped was to take a nature break. :)

  7. Uuuuum me would be boycottin' ya' or stealin' da flashy box. How would you humans feels ifin we was snap, snap, snappin' away while ya'll were doin' your business. MOL

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  8. So funny! Pets have a way of making every photo shoot interesting. :) I guess when nature calls, you have to answer! LOL


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