Friday, November 4, 2016

Inspiring Dog Story of Margaux the Poodle

This is the story about an inspiring dog named Margaux, who has survived the odds and is living life to the fullest. Margaux is a 12 year old Standard Poodle. For the past 3 years of her life, Margaux has battled an autoimmune disease called Diffuse Pyogranulomatous Inflammation.

Photo Courtesy of Laura and Scott Jordan

The disease first began attacking her body, starting with her paw. After that cleared up, it moved to her eyes and Margaux unfortunately had to have them removed. On top of that, she was diagnosed as deaf this past August. Now blind and deaf, Margaux continues to take on the world with her family by her side.

To help regain her strength, her family began to take her on guided hikes. This is when her fur sisters learned that they could help guide Margaux. They are her seeing eye companions! You can watch Margaux's story and see her and her sisters in action in the video below.

As you can see, Margaux enjoys life with a BIG smile thanks to the help of her caring family and fur sisters. 

While Margaux's battle with her autoimmune disease has been long and tough, her journey has been quite inspiring. Especially to her humans. 
"It’s been an amazing journey watching her adapt to her new world, and better – start thriving in it. This experience has forged us into better dog owners (we prefer the term parents) and helped us start taking life minute-by-minute."

You can follow and Root For Margaux on her Facebook page. And don't forget to SMILE today!  


  1. Margaux is such a sweetie and such a joy. We're so glad her seeing eye companions are providing such loving care.

  2. Margaux is such an inspiring story. She's very strong. Her human parents must be one of the reasons why she fights.

  3. So proud of you, Margaux! And also so proud of her family who doing everything they can to help her all the way!

  4. We love this story and love the fact that Margaux's sisters are her eyes. Very inspiring and thanks for sharing with all!

  5. Wow, incredible story,incredible dog. This may sound silly but I didn't realize that dogs can also get autoimmune diseases. Margaux is definitely an inspiration, and so is her family.


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