Monday, September 30, 2013

Weird Stuff My Cat Ate | Tales From A Vet Tech

Sometimes, our pets eat weird stuff. Much to their own demise, but it happens every now and then. I though it would be interesting to share some of the weird things I've seen pets eat. Cats in particular for today's post.

When a cat consumes an inedible object, the object is called a "foreign body". In many cases, these foreign bodies must be surgically removed because the cat cannot pass the object and they usually become very sick. Sometimes, a cat might eat a foreign body without their owners knowing about it. Signs and symptoms of foreign body ingestion in cats include vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, fever, tender abdomen and/or decreased appetite.

Weird Stuff Cats Like to Eat
Photo via Morgan

They are not always easy to diagnose. Usually, x-rays and/or abdominal ultrasound is necessary to diagnose foreign body ingestion in cats. So now that you know a little bit more about this "condition", I bring you Weird Stuff My Cat Ate from a vet tech.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Sharing Pawsome Pet Stuff on Social Pet Saturday

Hey guys, hope your weekend is going well! Welcome to Social Pet Saturday, our little weekend party of sharing. I don't have much to share today, but I do have a couple of cool things to talk about.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Halloween Costume Ideas for Small Pets

Halloween is just around the corner and it's time to start thinking of costume and decoration ideas. Many pet parents like to include their pets by dressing them up in cute little outfits and costumes, myself included. I'd say that majority of pet costumes available are only for dogs and some for cats. But what about our small friends like guinea pigs, ferrets, or even rats? I'm sure they'd like to get in on some trick-or-treat action! OK, maybe not so much but Halloween costumes for small pets make for some great photo opportunities and memories.

Our friends over at PetSmart have a large selection of Halloween costumes for dogs, cats, and even small pets! I dress the dog up all the time, so I was thrilled when they sent over a Halloween costume for my pet rat, Nibblet. Shiner is sighing with relief right now. 

Halloween costume ideas for small pets
Pumpkin costume for guinea pigs from PetSmart.

PetSmart sent us a pumpkin costume that is ideal for guinea pigs to wear. Nibblet is a little smaller than a guinea pig, but I still think the costume made for some adorable photos. See for yourself!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Learn How to Give CPR to a Puppy

Unfortunately, I have performed CPR on one too many dogs while I worked as a Veterinary Technician. Of course, performing CPR in an animal hospital is much easier to do than at home. There are machines, medicines, and veterinarians available to assist. Even with all of that, CPR on dogs has a low success rate. That's why it's so important for dog owners to know what they should do if something were to happen. Carrington's Veterinary Technician Program has put together this infographic which includes valuable information about How to Give CPR to a Puppy. 

How to Give CPR to a Puppy
Photo via Katherine

The following is a guest post written by Sandra Mills.

You have spent months researching breeds to find that perfect puppy to add to your family, hours preparing supplies and choosing the best veterinary care possible. Miles driven to visit breeders, shelters and scanning classified ads finally pays off when you bring her home. You gaze into her trusting brown eyes and promise to always keep her safe. Weeks later, as you cuddle her on your lap; air escapes your chest in a choking gasp as you realize she is not breathing.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Pawsitively Pets Gets a Blog Makeover

Surprise! I'm sure you've noticed by now that Pawsitively Pets has a new look. Our new header is the work of super talented Debbie Glovatsky (aka Glogirly) from Glogirly Design. I have always wanted a header by Glogirly ever since I began blogging almost a year ago. It's been kind of a dream or goal for me I guess you could say. I love her work and her blog. If you don't know her cats - Katie and Waffles - I highly suggest you stop by their blog.

Blog Header by Glogirly Design
The new Pawsitively Pets blog header! 

Besides being a fan of Glogirly's design skills and her hilariously adorable cats, I can now say that I am also a fan of her design services. Truth is, I was planning for this makeover to be ready to share on my one year Blogiversary. Which, by the way, is on October 10th. But more on that later.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Meowing for Some Tasty Raw Cat Treats

A few weeks ago I won a giveaway that was hosted by several bloggers on the team. I got my prize within just a few days, which was super awesome! In the package, there were a couple of dog treats for Shiner and some cat treats for Honey Delite. We haven't tried all the treats yet, but I wanted to share one of the cat treats here.

The treats I'm talking about today are Nature's Variety Raw Boost Mini Bites for Cats. Here's a little more about the treats taken from

Monday, September 23, 2013

Every Dog Poops | Be a Scooper Hero and #ScoopThatPoop

Every dog poops. Unlike me and you, dogs don't poop in the toilet. They usually do their business outside in the grass. Now, just because you can't flush poop down the grass like with a toilet doesn't mean that it's OK to leave your dog's poop there. Some people may believe that dog poop is good fertilizer, but the truth is that it's not. Dog poop is actually a pollutant that will kill grass. 

Dog Poop Awareness

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Pet Product Giveaways Galore | Social Pet Saturday

It seems like all this week, I've come across tons of awesome pet product giveaways along with some good deals. So today I bring you the giveaways galore edition of Social Pet Saturday! I love entering giveaways and am lucky enough to even win a few here and there. So if you'd like a chance at some nice products for your pets, take a peek at the long list of giveaways I came across this past week. And good luck!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Ferret Friday | Pets From the Past

Today is my last installment of "Pet from the Past". So far, I've shared some past cats, Jenny the Sheltie, and Shiner as a puppy and young dog. I know I've got more old pet photos some place and I'll be sure to share them as soon as I find them.

Today I bring you Francis the Ferret. Francis was my first ferret and it was love at first sight. I knew I wanted him as soon as I met him.


Thursday, September 19, 2013

Top 5 Dog Accessories

I want to say a quick thank you to our guest, Noella, today. She's offered up this fantastic list of must have dog accessories. I'm excited to learn about a few of them like the Zoom Brush and Whistle. I've never heard of them before, but after reading about them I think they sound terrific! Please enjoy this awesome list and let us know what dog products you can't live without.

Written by Noella Schink

We love our dogs. Some folks are always going to look at us like we are insane for lavishing so much attention (and money) on our animals, but we just don’t care. You know why? Our dogs deserve it! These are the hottest must have doggie accouterments RIGHT NOW.

Martingale dog collar
Martingale dog collar.
Photo via Lindy

5) Martingale Collar. These collars are the perfect blend of form and function. Sans buckle, they slide over your dog’s head and tighten only when your dog pulls. Because they are made out of fabric instead of chain they do not cut into your pet’s skin. When paired with a pattern that complements your pup’s coat, they make for a very elegant collar.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Back to School for Pets | Deluxe Grooming Package Giveaway

As a Pet360 Ambassador Blogger, I have some fun stuff to share today regarding the back to school season for pets. This is a sponsored post. 

It's that time of year when kids and teenagers are headed back to school. Of course, this usually means the pets are left at home alone all day and must readjust to a new schedule. When I was working as a veterinary technician, Shiner was home by herself for long periods of time and I know she got bored. She didn't eat while I was away at work and my daughter was off at school and the babysitter's. Sometimes she even caused a bit of mischief.

Back to School Pets
Pet got the back to school blues? Pet360 can help

Now that I'm a full-time stay-at-home mom, she's much more happy. I wish I had done more for her to curve her boredom while we weren't at home in the past. I'm sure she would have enjoyed chewing on a stuffed KONG treat dispenser toy.

Purrfection on Wordless Wednesday

Have I mentioned that Honey Delite has turned into such a sweet cat? 

Happy Wordless Wednesday! 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Canine Papilloma Virus | Don't Let Your Dog Drink After Strangers

If a stranger walked up to you and asked if they could take a drink from your water bottle or soda cup, would you oblige? Chances are you wouldn't share. I know I wouldn't.

Canine Papilloma Virus
Doggy drinking fountain.
Photo via Peter Sheik

What about your dog? When you go to the dog park, does your dog drink from the community dog bowl or water fountain? This is something a lot of dog parents probably never even think about. Canine Papilloma Virus is something your dog could potentially catch from other dogs simply by sharing a water bowl. 

What is Canine Papilloma Virus?

Canine Papilloma Virus is also known as dog warts. Easy enough to remember. These warts are small growths with a cauliflower-like appearance. Usually, viral doggy warts are seen in young dogs and puppies. A dog with a compromised immune system could also potentially get Canine Papilloma Virus.

Monday, September 16, 2013

What Is Grain-Free Cat Food? | Win #HillsPet Science Diet Grain Free Cat Food

Grain-free cat food - What is it? Is grain-free cat food right for your kitty? What are the best grain-free cat food brands? Grain-free foods for cats have been growing in popularity, so a lot of cat parents might have questions about it.

Basically, grain-free cat food is an option available to cat parents who want to feed their kitty a diet that has no grains. Grains are things like wheat, corn, rice, oats, and barley. Why would someone want to feed a cat food with no grains? Well, sometimes it's personal preference but there are also some health benefits to feeding your cat a food that does not contain grains.

This post is sponsored by Hill's Science Diet and there will be an opportunity to win some free Hill's Science Diet Adult Grain Free cat food at the end.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Double Dose of Social Pet Saturday

Since I missed last week's Social Pet Saturday post, I've got lots of things to share today. So sit back and relax and enjoy some good reading! And a cute bunny meme... 

Friday, September 13, 2013

Ahoy Me Hearties - It's a Pirate Costume Party!

We had a little "fun" yesterday preparing for Speedy's Pirate Party. Shiner might disagree just a little that dressing like a pirate isn't so fun however...

We scoured Lily's costume and dress-up clothes for pirate-worthy attire. She used to have a pirate costume, but I must have gotten rid of it because it was too little. Shiner was first to model pirate-style.

Happy Birthday on Friday the 13th!

So, you're probably aware that today is Friday the 13th of 2013... I hope your day is not unlucky in any way! Today also happens to be my birthday. It happens every now and then that it falls on Friday the 13th, which I think is "cool" for some reason. I don't really have anything planned for today, but I'm hoping it's a nice day.

In celebration of my 29th birthday, here are my pets having a great time partying it up!

I got my birthday present from my boyfriend a day early yesterday. It's a new camera! And I'm very pleased that he picked out a Nikon. It's not a super fancy camera, but I really like it and had a lot of fun playing around taking pictures yesterday evening. I really like that it has a "pet portrait" setting and I think that's going to come in handy for photographing Nibblet especially. Here are some of the photos from my new camera test session.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Jenny the Shetland Sheepdog | Pets From the Past

Jenny was the second dog I ever had. She was our family dog for about 13 to 14 years. I think we got her as a puppy when I was in the 3rd grade. Jenny was a Shetland Sheepdog. I grew up around Shelties as my entire family kept them as pets. They are extremely intelligent dogs and I'm a big fan of the breed.

I'm not sure why her tail is naked here... I think it got shaved for some reason, but it was usually a puffy Sheltie tail. 

Jenny was my dad's dog for the most part. She went to work with him just about every day of her life. In her younger days, she spent her time barking at squirrels or big 18 wheelers that passed by the fence on the road. Jenny loved to go boating, especially with my dad. She would bark away while riding in the boat. 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Paw Pals Mobile App for Pet Parents and Animal Non-Profits

I recently connected with Christopher Elce, the founder of a cool new app for pet parents and animal non-profits. The name of the app is Paw Pals, and it's expected to launch during Fall 2013. The Paw Pals app will be compatible with Android and iOS devices and free to download.

Paw Pals Mobile App

Wondering what all you can do with Paw Pals? Here are some of the features of the app:

Monday, September 9, 2013

Help Sister Rachel and Ray Charles Find a Forever Home Together

Many of you may have already heard these two kitten's story. If not, then I'm glad that word is spreading even further! These two beautiful black house panther kittens are seeking a forever home where they can live their lives together.

Their story begins as part of a feral cat colony in a trailer park in Greenville, SC. Some of the humans in the trailer park did not like the feral cat colony and would even try to run over some of the cats with their cars. Thankfully, Sister Rachel and Ray Charles were rescued from this evil place. They received medical treatment and now live in a foster home.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Remembering Loved Pets on National Pet Memorial Day

Today is National Pet Memorial Day which falls on the second Sunday of September every year. On this day, remember and celebrate the lives of your past loved pets. Sometimes, it can be hard remembering pets who have passed away. There are several ways you can remember and celebrate their lives. Here are a few ideas.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Hoping For the Best...

I regret to inform you that today's post isn't going to be the usual and it's not exactly pet related either. It's going to be about my personal life, so if you're not interested then just keep on moving along.

I know this may not be the perfect place to talk about this, but I love how supportive my fellow blogging friends and readers are and I just feel the need to talk about it with people who might care. So here goes... today, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. I'm not sure if those words have quite sunk into me yet.

My mom and Violet. 

Prior to this diagnosis, she's been having a rough time. Since February, my mom has been living at my house off and on. She quit working at the nursery because her arm started hurting and she was just kind of fed up with being underpaid and some other things. Her arm is better now but she has still not been able to find a job since then despite looking for one. I help her search the internet for jobs sometimes.

Apartment Living With Pets | Tips to Help Reduce Stress During a Move

Our pets are such an important part of our lives. It's no wonder why they have such a significant impact on our living choices. If you've ever had to search for an apartment or place to rent with your pets, I'm sure you're familiar with some of the hassles that can come with it. According to a a national survey conducted by, 83% of renters have reported having some difficulty finding a pet friendly place to live. 

After finding that perfect place to call home, many pet parents and their companion animals are still faced with the stress of moving to a new place. Here are a few tips on how to reduce stress for both you and your pet from Harrison Forbes.

  • Pack your pets' belongings in your car rather than a moving van so they aren't accidentally lost or misplaced while in transit.
  • Have your pet wear two ID tags - one with the old address and one with the new address - just in case they wander off and get lost. 
  • Have your pet stay at a familiar friend or family member's house during the actual move. 
  • If you don't have a familiar place for your pet to stay at on moving day, keep them comfortable in their own room with food, water, bedding, toys, etc. 
  • Introduce your pet to the new home after all the furniture and household items are set up.

Below is an infographic from that shows some information and statistics about apartment living with pets. 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

ThunderLeash Helps Dogs Who Pull | Pet Product Review

You've most likely heard of a product called the ThunderShirt by now. Recently, the same company who makes ThunderShirts has designed a patent pending leash that is meant to safely discourage dogs who pull on a leash while walking. We were asked to take the ThunderLeash for a spin and let our readers know how it works.

The design of the ThunderLeash is very simple. When I took it out of the box, I thought it just looked like a regular leash. But after carefully inspecting the directions on the box, I learned that it's actually designed to fit around your dog's chest just like a harness.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Beneful Play Date Tour Visits Austin | Dream Dog Park Contest

Over the holiday weekend, the Purina Beneful Play Date Tour visited the Cedar Bark Park in Cedar Park, Texas. Cedar Park is just north of Austin and not too far from where I live. Unfortunately, I didn't learn about the event until it was almost over but I was also busy tending to 9 year old daughter birthday party duties anyways.

The free event transformed the Cedar Bark Park into the ultimate playground for pups and their humans. People could play games with their dogs like the tennis ball spoon race through an obstacle course of agility equipment. Dogs could also search for treats in a pit of squeaky tennis balls.

Spoon Races

Young Lady Pit Bull Shiner | Wordless Wednesday

So as promised, I have more adorable photos of Shiner as a young pit bull lady dog. Most people are surprised to learn that Shiner is now 10 years old it seems. Last week during a walk, a man asked if Shiner was a puppy. I told him "Nope! She's 10 years old!" Shiner was pleased with her compliment. I thought it was comparable to being carded for alcohol when you are definitely old enough to make the purchase. 

So enough blabbing and on with the pictures! All the photos are from 2004. 

Shiner is about 10 to 11 months old in this picture. 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Win a FREE Year's Supply of Rachael Ray Nutrish Dog Food

How would you like to win a FREE year's supply of Rachael Ray Nutrish Dog Food? If you answered "yes" to this question, then you came to the right place. The Nutrish What a Shelter Dog Needs Pin it to Win it Contest starts today!

Win a year's supply of Nutrish Dog Food

Did you know that a portion of the sales made from Nutrish dog food goes to help out animal shelters? Through "Rachael's Rescue", many rescue organizations have received food and medical care for pets in need. How cool is that?

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Adoptable Pets Updates

I've been periodically checking on all the pets I have shared on the blog to see if they are still seeking forever homes. I thought it might be nice to share some of their adoption statuses here today because some are still looking for a place to call their own.


Remember Romeo? He found himself a nice foster home, but is still wishing he had a permanent family to call his own. The shelter found him wandering around the streets back in February! That's a long time to go without a family.

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