Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Pamper Your Pooch on National Dog Day

Happy National Dog Day! Every year for the past 10 years, National Dog Day has been celebrated on August 26th. Also known as National Dog Appreciation Day, this special day's purpose is to bring awareness of the many dogs in shelters that need a home to call their own. It's also a day to recognize working dogs and show appreciation for all that they do for humans.

In general, National Dog Day is a special day that we can spend with our own very important canine companions and show them that we really do appreciate them. Not that this is any different from other days of the year, but it's a nice excuse to pamper your pooch. I'm sure they won't complain much.

Simple Ways to Pamper Your Pooch on National Dog Day

Taking a walk. 

Take a special walk. Liven things up a bit and take your walk in a different place than you usually do. Perhaps you can visit a nearby park or hiking trail. It's simple, but thoughtful and your dog will like all the new sights and smells. 

Visit the pet store and pick out a new toy. What dog wouldn't like a new fun toy to play with? It's always more fun when your dog gets to pick out the toy too. 

Jumping and playing outside is fun!

Play outside. Go outside and have a nice long game of fetch, chase, or whatever game your dog enjoys playing the most. My dog's favorite game is "run after the stick and never return it". 

Homemade Blueberry and Sweet Potato Bone Bits. Yum!

Prepare an extra special dinner or treat. Sometimes, I cook chicken for Shiner on special occasions. I've also made her a special canned food dog cake and most recently homemade dog treats. Your dog will love this idea! 

Take your dog for a check-up. Is your dog overdue for a veterinary check-up? Make it up to them by taking them in to see the doctor. Your dog may not appreciate this idea very much, but it's important for their health. You can see our post about the importance of regular veterinary checkups here

At the lake.

Go swimming! If it's hot where you live (I know it sure is here in Texas!) fill up that kiddy pool and take a dip if your dog enjoys swimming. Or visit a local body of water and go swimming there. 

Eat lunch or dinner at a pet friendly restaurant. Take your dog to a local pet friendly restaurant for a meal. There are many places that allow dogs to eat with their owners on the patio or outdoor area. 

Shiner loves her PetBox!

Order a subscription to a monthly dog box. Shiner gets a PetBox each month and loves it. Her favorite time of the month is when we receive our PetBox. If you missed our monthly PetBox giveaway, just click here to enter. Also, you can save 10% on your PetBox order by using the code "PAWSITIVELY" at www.getpetbox.com

Will you be celebrating National Dog Day? Let us know how you plan to pamper your pooch today!


  1. Hmmmm extra special dinner and treats gets our vote. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. I love the lake idea - any idea near a large body of water instantly becomes my favorite. Thanks for reminding us about today. Let me go spoil Harley right now!

    1. We have a lakehouse, so we have been visiting the lake regularly this year.

  3. This sounds like a great day to celebrate. I think piggies should get to celebrate today too so I'm calling for pigs to be allowed to be pampered on National Dog Day :-)

  4. All great ways to celebrate, we'll be doing some of those!

  5. Happy Dog Day, Shiner and Miss Ann! Those are all great ways to celebrate National Dog Day! *high paws* and hellos to my rat buddies, Gus and Jack.

  6. We'll be celebrating with several of these options! We're visiting family on the east coast so the pups are getting tons of fun new experiences!

  7. fabulous post!! We should do these things ALL of the time!

  8. Happy National Dog Day! We did it! Aspecial walk today, just for moi. Dad has wet feet and a dirty pants, but I'm super happy!

  9. Happy National Dog Day!!!!
    We hope you all enjoy your day!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  10. Every day should be dog day! Love Dolly

  11. It looks like Shiner got to do some fishing!! We had extra play time this morning, and extra treats all day long! Happy National Dog Day!

  12. Happy National Dog Day! We loved all the pictures of Shiner (as we always do). :)

  13. happee natshunull dawg day two ewe shiner...we hope ya get lotz oh treets two day !!♥♥♥♥

  14. We had a normal day today. However, I did find that they are opening up a public pool for dogs on Labor Day and so am planning to take Maya.

  15. What a dreadful day! I got stuck on a yearly family vet visit...not fun, no fun at all! I was so mad about it, I even had my first bad time at nose work class! Oh well, tomorrow is another day, hopefully more to my liking!

  16. We're not sure our dog furriends would be happy to celebrate with a vet visit, but the others ways looks like fun for dogs ! Purrs

  17. Every day is National Dog Day in my house. I think we should celebrate our dogs everyday! Thank heaven for sending a man's best-friend! This is such a great post! :)


  18. very good idea. should try the special treats!


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